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  • Online training, complete and accessible
  • Certified by four international accreditation bodies
  • Downloadable PDF & audio modules
  • Unlimited and lifetime access
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Welcome to the Enchanting Universe of Natural Gemstone Energies!

Dive deep into the world of lithotherapy, an age-old practice that taps into the vibrational energies of stones, crystals, and minerals.

Drawing inspiration from ancient traditions of India and China, lithotherapy is rooted in centuries of cherished knowledge.

Harmonize Your Being with Lithotherapy

In today’s busy world, we all seek paths that nurture our body, mind, and soul. Embracing natural wellness approaches that consider the holistic self is the key.

Lithotherapy offers a captivating way to understand and harness the delicate energies that flow around us. After all, we’re made up of minerals that resonate with the world’s heartbeat.

Crystals and stones, gifts from the Earth’s depths, encapsulate millions of years of evolution, color transformations, and energy harmonizations. Every stone, with its unique chemical characteristics, exudes a special vibratory frequency that aligns with specific aspects of our well-being.

Think of lithotherapy as a heartfelt dance between nature’s treasures and our essence, an authentic healing journey.

Becoming a Lithotherapy Consultant

Have you ever wondered how a lithotherapy consultant can uplift and heal?

These professionals possess in-depth knowledge of various stones, understanding their origins and energy dynamics. They can pinpoint imbalances we face and select the perfect stone remedy. From addressing stress, enhancing focus, boosting self-confidence, alleviating physical pains, and more, a lithotherapy consultant is a beacon of holistic wellness.

Who is the Lithotherapy Training for?

Whether you are acquiring personal knowledge, pursuing a career change, or already working as a professional in an alternative medicine discipline, this training is an excellent opportunity to develop new rare, and increasingly sought-after skills.

This training is open to all, regardless of educational background or prior experience, and is designed for anyone eager to compassionately guide others on their journey toward natural well-being and genuine fulfillment.

What to Expect in this Training Course

You’ll delve into the intriguing properties of stones and minerals, beginning with an exploration of their physical and chemical structures, followed by their therapeutic potentials.

The topics presented will empower you to suggest stone therapies tailored to individual needs and situations. Health will be viewed through various lenses, be it physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual.

Additionally, the course opens doors to complementary fields connected to lithotherapy, including aromatherapy and astrology. You’ll unearth insights on how celestial bodies can influence the energies of stones.

Spanning ten engaging modules, embark on an enlightening expedition into the world of stones and minerals, uncovering their historical significance. You’ll gain proficiency in recognizing and harnessing the power of over 50 distinct stones.

By the culmination of this program, you’ll be equipped with a comprehensive skillset, ready to step into the professional realm if you so choose. From effectively counseling individuals to conducting initial assessments, from identifying energy misalignments to curating tailored treatment plans, you’ll be proficient.

Further, you’ll master the art of recommending specific stones for wear or placement, optimizing energy harmonization, and fostering holistic well-being.

Flourishing as a Lithotherapy Consultant

While lithotherapy remains a somewhat niche discipline in the contemporary landscape, its allure is unmistakably on the rise. Discerning clients today are gravitating towards experts who possess both knowledge and ardor in the field.

As a professional lithotherapy consultant, you have the flexibility to practice from the comfort of your home or in a more formal office setting, either as an independent professional or within the framework of a small business.

A session of lithotherapy can be priced at $50, though this can fluctuate based on where the consultation occurs, be it a home setting or an office. Naturally, if your expertise hones in on a specific area or demographic, you can recalibrate your fees.

Moreover, beyond the realm of direct consultations, there’s an opportunity to diversify your offerings. Consider selling a curated collection of stones or introducing services like stone revitalization, which can contribute to an additional income stream.

Obtaining Your Certification

The course structure strikes a balance between enjoyment and education. Each module seamlessly weaves theoretical insights with hands-on case studies, practical exercises, and progress quizzes, fostering a holistic learning experience.

Recognizing the myriad commitments each of us juggles – be they familial, occupational, or personal – the curriculum is crafted to champion flexibility:

  • Once registered, you have unlimited access to all ten modules
  • Course content is available in both readable text and audio format, facilitating offline study if desired
  • There is no time limit to complete the program and pass the final exam

To supplement this program and enable you to be dynamically involved in your training, you will be able to communicate with other participants regularly through our dedicated forum.

Once you feel comfortable, take the final exam, which entitles you to a personal certificate. And, in the off-chance that the exam poses a challenge, rest assured, you can revisit it without incurring extra costs.

We hope you enjoy your journey into the world of stones and their unique healing properties!


Access Your Training Now

  • Lithotherapy Practitioner Certificate
  • Online training, comprehensive and accessible
  • Certified by four international accreditation bodies
  • Downloadable PDF & audio modules
  • Unlimited and lifetime access
  • You work at your own pace, from your computer, tablet or mobile
  • Access to a private forum
  • 30-day money-back guarantee by our BBB A+ accredited business
  • Only $112 (USD) for 2 months, or $195 (USD), a value of $490 (USD)

Detailed Course Content

Click on the title of the modules to discover the content of the course.

In this first module, you will:

  • Learn what a crystal is from a scientific point of view;
  • Understand the physical and energetic properties of crystallization;
  • Discover what lithotherapy really is and the different approaches it uses;
  • Understand how a session is organized and important factors to know before giving a treatment.

In this second module, you will:

  • Explore the history of stone medicine, going back to its origins and early practices;
  • Learn about Hildegard of Bingen and how she described and used stones for therapeutic purposes as early as the 11th century;
  • Discover how to make associations between a person’s temperament and the elements (fire, water, earth, etc.) in order to find the best stones for a particular problem;
  • Study physics to understand in depth the formation of crystals;
  • Be introduced to aventurine, azurite, blende, chalcedony, and calcite.

In this third module, you will:

  • Learn in detail about the formation of stones (magmatic, metamorphic, and sedimentary);
  • Understand how to classify stones according to their physical and energetic properties;
  • Develop a concrete method for conducting a session, exploring your skills and the possibilities available to you;
  • Learn to analyze each case in depth;
  • Understand how to detect the immediate cause (often physical) and the underlying cause of an imbalance;
  • Learn to identify stones according to their quality and relevance;
  • Study five stones: charoite, chrysocolla, citrine, rock crystal, and emerald.

In this fourth module, you will:

  • Look at the physical aspect of each stone: its hardness, its density, its tenacity, and its cleavage;
  • Discover how to combine stones;
  • Learn how to match the stones’ physical properties with their energetic properties;
  • Learn precisely how to clean, purify and recharge each stone you use;
  • Be introduced to five more stones: fluorite, garnet, hematite, jade, and jasper.

In this fifth module, you will:

  • Discover why a stone’s color influences its therapeutic properties;
  • Study energy healing based on traditional Indian medicine;
  • Learn how to associate specific stones with different chakras, to cleanse and rebalance them;
  • Follow several case studies, allowing you to refine your lithotherapy advice;
  • Study five more stones: kunzite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, larimar, and malachite.

In this sixth module, you will:

  • Tackle the chemical composition of stones to understand their therapeutic benefits;
  • Study the way atoms are connected within a single stone;
  • Discover the chemical components of a stone, such as copper, iron, aluminum, etc.;
  • Learn about the process of a complete session using all the information you have.
  • Add five stones to your collection: moldavite, moquis, obsidian, iron eye, and tiger’s eye.

In this seventh module, you will:

  • Connect scientific information with a more sensory and physical approach;
  • Deepen your use of stones and holistically consider each issue;
  • Compare stones with oriental medicine, especially the balance of “Yin” and “Yang”;
  • Associate the stones with the energies of perpetual motion: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water;
  • Feel the “stones’ energy” through different exercises;
  • Study opal, peridot, moonstone, sunstone, and pyrite.

In this eighth module, you will:

  • Dive deeper into the energetic relationships by associating stones with planetary influences;
  • Incorporate some basic astrology and learn to use it in lithotherapy;
  • Learn how to treat a person according to their sign, ascendant, and the planets that influence their birth chart;
  • Discover how everything is connected and how to offer the most appropriate treatments;
  • Study rose quartz, rhodochrosite, ruby, sapphire, and shungite.

In this ninth module, you will:

  • Learn how to make connections between stones and essential oils, as in the astrology module;
  • Learn about essential oils, how to use them (by inhalation and by direct skin contact), and the dangers and cautions of their use;
  • Understand how to integrate stone treatments with essential oils (by scent or massage);
  • Deepen your knowledge of energy healing;
  • Study five more stones: topaz, tourmaline, turquoise, variscite, and zircon.

In this tenth module, you will:

  • Discover how to propose adapted treatments based on the information provided in the previous modules;
  • Classify the stones according to their properties: for example, the best stones for mental relaxation, the best stones for stomach aches, etc.;
  • Determine the best stones for the following cases: protection and well-being, grounding, vital energy, cleansing, sleep, stress, depression, intellect, etc.;
  • Have different relaxation techniques at your disposal to facilitate the beginning of the session;
  • Carry out a complete session of lithotherapy yourself;
  • Study the last five stones: spinel, staurolite, sugilite, tanzanite, and tiffany.

Upon successful completion of the program, you have the option to print your certification

What our students are saying

Emily P.


THANK YOU for this art therapy course. I almost want to say that it is better than my studies in psychology! And a lot more practical and focused on the positive, with suggested solutions… Art therapy doesn’t just put people in boxes!

Karen L.


I’ve just passed the certification in Art Therapy by getting 84%.
I would just like to say that I find the modules very well done and very colorful, which made me want to go all out.
I’ve seen some people wonder about how long the training is. I think it can go very quickly for some if, like me, you have taken already taken classes or worked in this field. For those who are retraining, it will take a little longer but don’t worry, it’s so exciting that you will get there.

Sonia R.


I registered yesterday. My husband, who is in the art therapy business, was surprised at the quality of the documents provided. And so am I. It is not a training of art-therapist but of a practitioner in art therapy. In any case, this is a serious and responsive site. I got everything immediately. Everything is clear.

Clarisse V.


A clear and beautifully made course, various ways to improve learning, excellent customer service, very accessible modules with, if needed, payment in several installments, a way to experience continuing education in art therapy, which I greatly honor and for which I’m very grateful. After exploring the program by illustrated writing, I can enjoy audio revisions, with tests at the end of each module to prepare for my final exam. Everything is done to ensure success and encourage taking action

Access Your Training Now

  • Lithotherapy Practitioner Certificate
  • Online training, comprehensive and accessible
  • Certified by four international accreditation bodies
  • Downloadable PDF & audio modules
  • Unlimited and lifetime access
  • You work at your own pace, from your computer, tablet or mobile
  • Access to a private forum
  • 30-day money-back guarantee by our BBB A+ accredited business
  • Only $112 (USD) for 2 months, or $195 (USD), a value of $490 (USD)


Our courses are accredited by the IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine), ICAHP (International Compliance Assurance for Holistic Practitioners),  CMA (The Complementary Medical Association) and the Centre of CPD Excellence, which means that they are recognized internationally. They were created by professionals rigorously selected for their skills and their thirst for sharing. The information and practical exercises they contain will allow you to move towards your goal, whether personal or professional.