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Become a happiness coach with positive psychology

We all carry within us the capability to be happy, joyful, and amazed and communicate these positive emotions to people around us. However, we often forget to cultivate an optimistic approach to life.

Why does this happen? As we grow up, we encounter constraints that prevent us from enjoying the present moment. As a result, we become overcome by feelings and emotions that take us away from positivity and our sense of well-being.

Have you ever felt like a whole range of negative thoughts is overtaking you? It’s like a deep feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration stems from discontent at work, in your relationship, or with your friends. It’s a feeling that festers and affects your mood and your morale to the detriment of everything and everyone else in your life. 

You have likely seen this in your personal, social, and work lives: a difficult task that makes a colleague unpleasant, a boss obsessed with results, children upset by an argument at school, a friend trapped in a toxic relationship, etc. 

If you take a few minutes to think about it, you will realize that this is all true and that these problems can quickly become poisonous; a poison that gradually seeps into the mind and ends up furthering pessimism, sadness, anxiety, and even despair.

Positive psychology: the optimistic approach to life

All humans aspire to have happiness. Every day we are supposed to direct our goals and actions towards this single goal. But many people fail to do so.

Society has so many distractions that we often don’t know what to focus on. We want what we don’t have. We are influenced by the omnipresence of the media and don’t know what really matters to us.

So how can we take back control of our lives and, at the same time, help the people around us live happier and more fulfilled lives that are more aligned with their values? It was in the search for answers to these questions that the science of positive psychology was born.

Develop happiness around you

Positive psychology is about strengthening what we like, what brings us contentment, and what makes us smile and feel good. Imagine consulting a professional who, instead of asking you the question “What’s wrong?”, instead asks you, “What makes you happy?” Do you see the difference? 

It is not about dismissing or ignoring problems and annoyances. Difficulties, whatever they may be, are an essential and unavoidable part of our lives. The question/challenge is to know how much importance to give them. 

It is about learning to reinforce the positives and what makes us happy instead of focusing on the negative or “polluting” aspects of life. In other words, seeing the glass as half full rather than half empty. Positive psychology also allows us to strengthen the character traits that make us more resilient, stronger, and better equipped to face life’s difficulties. 

Training for everyone

Created by expert positive psychology coaches, this course will teach you the discipline of positive psychology in a practical way. Designed around ten modules, you will discover a whole set of notions essential to this practice. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be a psychotherapist or therapist to be able to follow this program.

At the end of this course, you will have acquired a body of knowledge and know-how that will allow you to apply these principles daily. You will be aware of positive psychology through numerous realistic situations and practical exercises. You will have acquired the skills necessary to set yourself up as a positive psychology coach and guide others on their journeys. 

Who is this training for?

If you are looking for additional training or a coaching approach to implement in a profession that requires motivating your colleagues or your community, or even if you are at home with children, then positive psychology can bring you many benefits; probably more than you expect. 

This positive psychology course is also intended for a wide range of professionals, such as:

  • Health care providers (psychologists, nurses, etc.)
  • Social workers (teachers, trainers, coaches, social workers, etc.)
  • Executives (company directors, department heads, human resources directors, etc.)
  • Entrepreneurs and consultants in the service industry 
  • The self-employed or people starting their own business. 

What you will learn in this course

The program includes an introduction to psychology. Self-esteem, motivation, emotions, optimism, confidence, gratitude, communication, and relationships are just a few of the concepts that will be addressed.

You will incorporate the basic foundations of coaching practice; this includes learning the behaviors, mastering the tools, and developing the ability to listen actively, which are essential to the practice of the profession of coach in positive psychology. You will also learn the methodology to establish the strengths of a client’s character and thus help them develop their perception of happiness in the different components of their life.

In addition to this theoretical knowledge, each lesson includes exercises to reinforce your skills and ability to guide, and a test to validate your learning. You will take a final exam at the end of the course, which will allow you to obtain an internationally recognized certificate.

The question of price remains

If we told you that getting access to all this incredible positive psychology training material would only cost $195, with the option of paying in two installments, would you believe it? 

Probably not, especially as most training organizations offer courses that cost thousands of dollars. And yet, this professional training course is available now for just $195, a value of $575. It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee, because we should have the right to change our minds. 

Once you have registered, you will gain access to a forum in which you can ask questions and communicate with other students. You should also know that you have unlimited, lifetime access to the course. You can start your training whenever you want, and there is no time limit to complete it.

Happiness is fundamental: communicate it!

To summarize, by choosing this positive psychology coaching course, you will learn to:

  • Make your life more fulfilled and happier by using your qualities and strengths to transform your wishes and desires into reality
  • Coach future clients and help teach them these tools and techniques, as well as guide them in their fulfillment and on their quest for happiness

Happiness is available to everyone, and it is contagious! Many of us have been inspired by a friend or colleague who helped us discover that life is beautiful and worth sharing and living with a smile on our face and joy in our heart. It is now your turn to transmit happiness to as many people as possible, with love and respect for everyone. 

“Don’t wait until you are happy to smile. Rather, smile so that you can be happy.”

Access your training now

  • Certificate of practitioner in Positive Psychology
  • Online training, complete and accessible
  • Certified by four international accreditation bodies
  • Downloadable PDF & audio modules
  • Unlimited and lifetime access
  • You work at your own pace, from your computer, tablet or mobile
  • Access to a private forum
  • Option to pay in 2 installments
  • 30-day money-back guarantee by our BBB A+ accredited business
  • Only $112 (USD) for 2 months, or $195 (USD), a value of $575

Detailed Course Content

Click on the title of the modules to discover the content of the course.

Here you will discover the 24-character strengths put forward by Martin Seligman, the father of positive psychology. Using the Via Survey Test, you will then analyze your client's five greatest character strengths.

In this module, we will address:

  • The use of character strengths in various areas of life (wisdom and knowledge, bravery, humanity, fairness, self-control, and transcendence)
  • A list of actions and situations that will help your client express their strengths
  • The "the wheel of strengths" exercise, which allows clients to take stock of and reveal seldom used strengths
  • A one-month action plan to enhance your client's core strengths
  • The organization of the second session

This module will address the genetic aspect of happiness, as well as the three concepts of happiness in psychology: the hedonic concept of happiness, the eudaimonic concept of happiness, and the PERMA model.

In this module, you will discover:

  • The five factors that influence well-being (positive emotion, engagement, positive relationships, meaning, and accomplishments/achievements)
  • The distinction between happiness and well-being
  • The use of rating scales
  • Analysis of the assessment scales to define the life areas corresponding to your client's profile
  • Three tools to assess your client's "happiness and well-being": the fulfillment scale, the happiness scale, and the wheel of life
  • The organization of the third session

After assessing your client's happiness and well-being and focusing on the important areas of their life, we will look at two new pillars that impact their well-being: meaning of life and accomplishment.

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Define the concepts of values, beliefs, and meaning of life
  • Differentiate between performance goals and learning objectives
  • Target them based on each person's personal beliefs
  • Understand the importance of setting goals and having plans
  • Establish a hierarchy of objectives
  • Set up the fourth session from start to finish

Module 5 addresses another of Martin Seligman's five pillars of happiness: positive emotions. We will study the ten main positive emotions (joy, gratitude, serenity, curiosity, hope, pride, fun, inspiration, admiration, and love.)

In this module, you will discover:

  • The impact of positive emotions on the body and mind
  • The five activities that trigger positive emotions (helping, communicating, having fun, learning, and exercising)
  • Techniques to help your client transform negative thoughts into positive ones
  • Techniques to help your client assess what they really want
  • An example of how to proceed in session 5

If your client's self-esteem and self-confidence are too fragile, their future projects, objectives, and actions may be negatively affected. It is, therefore, logical, at this stage of the coaching, to address these concepts.

In this module, you will learn:

  • The difference, as well as the connection, between self-esteem and self-confidence
  • The impact of self-esteem on quality of life
  • Tools to identify limiting beliefs
  • Strategies for improving self-esteem and confidence
  • Techniques to make failure less dramatic
  • Case studies and concrete examples
  • The organization of session 6

After identifying your client's main character strengths, setting goals in line with their convictions, and boosting their confidence and self-esteem, it is the ideal time to work on optimism and motivation in the coaching program.

In this module, you will discover:

  • The definition of optimism
  • The value of surrounding yourself with optimistic people
  • The importance of not talking about your goals in the conditional tense
  • Techniques that influence and maintain motivation
  • Tips for breaking down your goals into simple, achievable actions
  • Strategies for reducing the impact of negative thoughts
  • Exercises to get rid of limiting beliefs and fear of failure
  • Tools to recognize one's responsibility for happy events, a crucial step in positive psychology
  • Organization of the seventh session

In this module, you will discover how to help your client live in the present moment. They will learn to listen to their thoughts, analyze them, organize them, stop having them if necessary, and transform them through taking action or problem-solving.

This module will address:

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • The cycle of thoughts and emotions
  • Three minutes of mindfulness breathing: something to adopt in everyday life
  • The concept of procrastination and how to deal with it
  • Tools to stop intrusive thoughts
  • Exercises to stop being overwhelmed by overthinking
  • A technique for experiencing the state of "flow"
  • Setting up session 8

At this point in the training, you have studied and worked on the main points of positive psychology. Thanks to all this knowledge, you will be able to help a client do important work on themself. It is now time to address another of the five essential pillars of well-being: relationships.

In this module, you will discover:

  • The definition of gratitude
  • The value of writing a gratitude journal or letter
  • Keys to good communication with others
  • Tools for applying gratitude in relationships
  • Techniques for managing conflicts and disagreements
  • Learning to really listen to others
  • Organization of the ninth session

This final module gives you the keys to becoming a positive psychology coach. You will get a lot of practical advice regarding this profession and on the different areas of coaching (life coaching, business coaching, and group coaching).

In this module, you will discover:

  • The essential evaluation tools for a coach
  • The role of the coach in positive psychology
  • Techniques to guide your client in their personal development
  • Information to start and develop your business
  • Exercises to help your client become aware of their progress

Upon successful completion of the program, you have the option to print your certification

What our students are saying

Eloisa E.


“I have been training my consultants for six months with what I have learned; it is very good. Learning is easy, and the training structure is well designed.”

Marie Patricia D.


“I have just completed my certificate in positive psychology coaching. I wanted to thank you for this training, which has already allowed me to put a little more positivity in my life and will also allow me to help others!”

Clairette S.


“Very well made and clear courses that you can follow at your own pace. I really appreciated the training in positive psychology, which complemented what I already knew, but which I needed to deepen.”

Karine R.


“I have just started the positive psychology course, and I must admit that I am very satisfied, everything is well done, super interesting, and I am really happy to have undertaken this training. It is clear, simple, and well designed with attractive audio and pdf materials, as well as exercises to do that are very enjoyable. I highly recommend it.”

Access your training now

  • Certificate of practitioner in Positive Psychology
  • Online training, complete and accessible
  • Certified by four international accreditation bodies
  • Downloadable PDF & audio modules
  • Unlimited and lifetime access
  • You work at your own pace, from your computer, tablet or mobile
  • Access to a private forum
  • Option to pay in 2 installments
  • 30-day money-back guarantee by our BBB A+ accredited business
  • Only $112 (USD) for 2 months, or $195 (USD), a value of $575


Our courses are accredited by the IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine), ICAHP (International Compliance Assurance for Holistic Practitioners),  CMA (The Complementary Medical Association) and the Centre of CPD Excellence, which means that they are recognized internationally. They were created by professionals rigorously selected for their skills and their thirst for sharing. The information and practical exercises they contain will allow you to move towards your goal, whether personal or professional.