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• Certified by five international accreditation bodies
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Like us, you may have noticed that the promotion of junk food and other products filled with ingredients that harm our health and well-being seems to be everywere.

You’ve probably also noticed how easy it is to resort to convenient solutions to quickly appease our body’s symptoms. For example, when experiencing a migraine, the first reflex is to take a pill; when suffering from a fever, no time is given for the fever to do its job; when dealing with an infection, antibiotics are taken, etc.

The fact is simple: our bodies have become “clogged” and weakened due to our lifestyles and eating habits. Sedentary lifestyle, urban pollution, chemicals present in most consumer products, even hygiene products, etc. All these factors have contributed to the development of new ailments: allergies, intolerances, respiratory difficulties, gastrointestinal disorders, and many others. The list goes on and on.


Helping others with the holistic health approach

Naturopathy is not a new discipline; this is how previous generations (not too long ago) treated their bodies. It is the adoption of new dietary behaviors, the understanding of the different types of fasting, and above all, it is the knowledge of oneself, the body, its functioning, and its dynamics.

Somewhere along the line, we all do a little naturopathy in our daily lives: for example, when using an herbal tea to relax or cleanse. However, the fact remains that people often treat ailments rather than prevent them.

This is what makes naturopathy different: it focuses on maintaining health to prevent the development of disorders. It allows us to see our environment in a different light, feel good, take pleasure in living, and feel safe and healthy.

And since we all have the means to improve our health, it is essential to become active players and no longer be subjected to easy approaches that are often harmful – that is why we have set up this complete and practical naturopathy training program, intended not only for beginners but also for practitioners already in practice who wish to add new expertise to their services.


Practicing as a Naturopathy Practitioner: opportunities

A naturopathy practitioner can practice in different ways. You can set up as a self-employed professional, under a microentrepreneur status, or as a company. You can work from an office or from home for both private and corporate clients (a growing market).

Various organizations increasingly seek naturopathic skills: institutions for the elderly, spas, thalassotherapy centers, organic stores, wellness centers, and even gyms. You can work there as an employee or by proposing a negotiated service.

Certified naturopathy practitioners working in a private practice establish their own fees. These can vary depending on the market where they live and whether it is a general consultation or specialized in a specific pathology (stress management, eating disorders, etc.). It is also possible to make money by selling natural products.


Training available to all

Designed by naturopathic trainers and practitioners who wanted to share their knowledge with as many people as possible, the training is recognized by three accreditation bodies for holistic medicine practitioners.

The courses are available in downloadable PDFs and in audio since we all have different learning styles. You can study at your own pace, at home or on the road, to suit your lifestyle and profession.

Throughout the 15 very educational modules, accompanied by guided exercises, you will discover and learn a whole set of concepts essential to the practice of naturopathy. At the end, you will have to take a final exam, with the possibility of retaking it if you fail. A printable certificate of achievement will be issued at the end of the course.

At the end of the course, you will have acquired a wealth of knowledge and know-how, enabling you to apply these principles daily and set up as a naturopathic practitioner to help others.

Rest assured, no medical degree or other qualifications are required to take the program. No, because naturopathy is available to anyone who wishes to acquire this knowledge. In fact, our ancestors didn’t necessarily go to school, yet they practiced this discipline on a daily basis.


Holistic Naturopathy: A comprehensive approach to health and wellness

This course deals with the human body, its needs, its ailments, its expression, and the different methods to fight and alleviate them. Here are some of the topics covered:

  • The body and how it functions
  • Hygiene
  • Nutrition
  • Daily stresses and risks to our body (external and internal approach)
  • Phytology: plants and natural care
  • The hidden power of the mind over the body
  • Dynamic technical approaches: massages, hydrology, meditation, etc
  • What is the cost of this course?

    Access to this knowledge that promotes health and well-being should be widespread, which is why we are offering naturopathy training at a price of $195, with the option to pay in two installments.

    Because health and well-being should not be reserved for the rich.

    So if you think that you too can change your lifestyle, improve your health, and help those around you do the same, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the information provided by this naturopathy training.

    Access your training now

    • Certificate of Naturopathy Practitioner
    • Complete and accessible online training
    • Certified by five international accreditation bodies
    • Earn 40 CEUs from the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP) Approval Number NCCAP5029970-2ANT
    • Downloadable PDF & audio modules
    • Unlimited and lifetime access
    • Work at your own pace, from your computer, tablet, or mobile
    • Option to pay in 2 installments
    • Access to a private forum
    • 30-day money-back guarantee by our BBB A+ accredited business
    Only $112 (USD) for 2 months, or $195 (USD), a value of $595

    BUNDLE Naturopathy

    Detailed Course Content

    Click on the title of the modules to discover the content of the course.

    This module focuses on the relationship between the body, mind, and emotions. Far from being meaningless, this vision of health is now studied by science. It allows us to establish the link between certain diseases and underlying emotional disorders.

    In this section, you will discover:

    • The workings of the mind: the primary cause of disease;
    • How beliefs and behaviors are shaped;
    • Complementarity with modern medicine;
    • The analysis of body signals;
    • The seven emotional centers and the connections with the different organs;
    • The "emotional centers" questionnaire, adapted to a specific example.

    This third module will describe the seven emotional centers one at a time, explaining how emotions are associated with different body structures. Simple anatomical and physiological concepts and a practical approach to care and treatment will be discussed.

    In this section, you will discover:

    • The primary center associated with "social relationships;"
    • The connection with the musculoskeletal system, blood, immune system, and skin;
    • Case studies supporting these connections;
    • The concepts of terrain and emunctory in naturopathy;
    • Practical therapeutic approaches.

    In this module, the connections between the emotional center, "perception of one's own identity," the genital system, and the urinary system will be explored. We will also study organ functions associated with balance in a relationship, which must be considered when developing personalized therapy.

    In this section, you will discover:

    • How the second center is related to the reproductive organs, the lumbar region, and the pelvis;
    • The third center, which corresponds to the digestive system, the weight, the adrenal glands, and the pancreas;
    • The health implications of imbalances related to these centers;
    • The connection between weight gain, fear, and self-esteem;
    • Specific case studies illustrating these relationships;
    • Natural therapeutic solutions.

    We will continue the analysis of the emotional centers, focusing on the importance of their proper functioning to restore and maintain optimal health. Through case studies, you will develop an in-depth understanding of the impact of emotions on the body.

    This module will address the following:

    • The cardiovascular system;
    • The respiratory system or chest;
    • The fourth center related to the balance between personal desires and the desires of loved ones;
    • The mouth, jaw, and teeth;
    • The cervical region and the thyroid ;
    • The fifth center in relation to good communication.

    Module 6 concludes the analysis of the different emotional centers. It deals with how people relate to the outside world and how beliefs impact, sometimes negatively, health. After analyzing these last two centers, you will discover how to perform a complete holistic assessment.

    This module will address the following:

    • The sixth center related to "open-mindedness and curiosity;"
    • The brain, eyes (sight), and ears (internal and external);
    • The last and seventh center in relation to spiritual power, belief in oneself, in a deity, or spiritual energy;
    • Chronic and degenerative diseases;
    • The study of concrete examples;
    • An essential evaluation tool for any accompaniment.

    Nutrition is the central pillar of health. In this module, you will discover how to educate patients about healthy eating. Learn about self-healing and how to adapt your advice to the treatments your patient may be undergoing.

    This module will cover:

    • Introduction to Holistic Nutrition;
    • The three food categories: carbohydrates, fats, and proteins;
    • The basics of healthy eating;
    • Naturopathic treatments;
    • The need to take into account age and physical condition to adapt the diet;
    • The importance of dietary changes and their impact on the different centers.

    In this module, the focus will be on health nutrition. Dietary supplements, vitamins, and minerals will be discussed so that you can understand how to use and advise them based on a patient's needs and eating habits.

    In this section, you will discover:

    • The nutritional value of fruits and vegetables;
    • The benefits of legumes, oilseeds, and seeds;
    • Macronutrients and calories;
    • The health impact of over-consuming animal products;
    • Hydration, oils, herbs, spices, sauces, and other foods;
    • Essential food supplements: minerals, trace elements, and vitamins.

    After reviewing nutrition, we will cover herbal medicine, essential oils, and detoxification. These three techniques will be an integral part of working in naturopathy.

    This module will address the following:

    • The 1+2 detoxification method;
    • Symptoms that validate the need for detoxification (depression, fatigue, digestive disorders, insomnia, chronic pain);
    • Fasting, fiber, water, NAC, and probiotics;
    • A plant catalog (how to use them, why, how much);
    • Essential oils in relation to pathologies;
    • The risks associated with using certain plants.

    You now have the necessary knowledge to implement a therapeutic strategy. This section aims to guide you in treating the most common pathologies.

    You will discover in this module:

    • What stress is and how it manifests itself;
    • The effects of stress on the body;
    • The body's repair mechanisms during sleep;
    • The leading causes of sleep deprivation;
    • A treatment plan to combat sleep disorders;
    • Tools to stimulate brain function;
    • Techniques for maintaining a healthy weight.

    Here we will continue the discussion started in the previous module. We will present other pathologies and different naturopathic treatments to be implemented. The aim is to develop monitoring tools and propose therapeutic strategies to fight certain disorders.

    This module will teach you:

    • How to increase energy due to chronic fatigue;
    • How to boost the immune system;
    • How to relieve pain;
    • How to treat skin diseases;
    • How to manage major digestive problems;
    • How to manage asthma.

    This module will focus on additional natural practices, such as essential oil massage, reflexology, lithotherapy, relaxation, and meditation, which will help restore proper body functions.

    You will discover in this module:

    • How to blend essential oils depending on skin type;
    • How to perform a facial message;
    • How to use reflexology to improve organ function, relieve pain and stress;
    • How to use different stones to improve emotional and physical well-being;
    • Different relaxation techniques to relieve stress;
    • Mindfulness meditation technique.

    This module discusses how the therapeutic properties of plants, trees, and water improve overall well-being. The medicinal use of trees and flowers offers new insights into healing the body and mind. 

    This module will focus on the following:

    • Using Bach Flower Therapy to help with emotional and mental imbalances;
    • How to prepare the different Bach remedies;
    • Gemmotherapy and the use of remedies made from tree and shrub embryonic buds;
    • How to choose the correct plant remedy depending on the client’s physical and emotional needs;
    • Hydrothermal therapy uses the effects of temperature and the form of water for internal and external use.

    Light plays a tremendous role in our physical and psychological health. This module will discuss several light-related therapies, as well as Iridology.

    This module will cover:

    • Analyzing the characteristics of the iris to determine body tissue health;
    • A detailed iris map indicating different iris areas and the associated body area or organ;
    • The use of light to heal certain physical diseases;
    • How natural sunlight is helpful with skin conditions and other physical ailments;
    • How the body's physical and energetic systems interact with the color vibrations of the visible light spectrum;
    • Different colors and their association with various chakras.

    This module will discuss practical tools that will facilitate your holistic naturopathic practice. Advice on setting up a practice and finding clients will also be provided.

    In this section, you will discover the following:

    • A practical guide to treatment;
    • The importance of a therapeutic order;

    Upon successful completion of the program, you have the option to print your certification


    What our students are saying

    Florent A.


    “This training is great! I’ve done three training courses in alternative medicine, and this one is by far the most complete and the most professional. I also enjoyed the exercises that allow you to test your knowledge throughout the modules.”

    Halima R.


    “I have just finished my training in naturopathy. I take this opportunity to thank you. It is a complete training, an exceptional site, and very well explained. I will highly recommend it.”

    Valerie F.


    “I’m delighted, I’m learning a lot of things, it’s very well explained. Personally, first I read, and then I listen. And I write everything down; it’s easier for me. I mainly took this course for my loved ones and me, not to become a naturopathy practitioner.”

    Claudia C.


    “Naturopathic medicine is one of the fundamental pillars of life. It should even be taught in high schools and colleges. The content of this training is of good quality, and being able to learn it at your own pace at home, with no time limit, is simply fabulous! A big thank-you!”

    Access your training now

    • Certificate of Naturopathy Practitioner
    • Complete and accessible online training
    • Certified by five international accreditation bodies
    • Earn 40 CEUs from the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP) Approval Number NCCAP5029970-2ANT
    • Downloadable PDF & audio modules
    • Unlimited and lifetime access
    • Work at your own pace, from your computer, tablet, or mobile
    • Option to pay in 2 installments
    • Access to a private forum
    • 30-day money-back guarantee by our BBB A+ accredited business
    Only $112 (USD) for 2 months, or $195 (USD), a value of $595

    BUNDLE Naturopathy


    BBB Accredited business A

    Our courses are accredited by the IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine), ICAHP (International Compliance Assurance for Holistic Practitioners),  CMA (The Complementary Medical Association) and the Centre of CPD Excellence, which means that they are recognized internationally. They were created by professionals rigorously selected for their skills and their thirst for sharing. The information and practical exercises they contain will allow you to move towards your goal, whether personal or professional.